​Providing a needs-based service to you is our number one priority. We review many factors whilst working with you.

The organisation

We look at the organisation as a whole. Its internal workings, what has made your service a place where people want to work and remain. What's worked well in the past, and what hasn't?

Market trends

Being across the latest market trends in the welfare sector is key to sourcing and placing the best talent. We keep up to date with the developments within our sector and offer advice and guidance to organisations in accordance with these trends. During and post pandemic we have seen market activities vary and we have been involved in supporting clients with identifying the best times to source talent and predict upcoming trends.

The candidates

Who is the right person for your positions? Considering all factors; skill sets, behaviours, motivations, values, culture fit, location, drive, and passions. We'll leave no stone unturned.

The vacancies

Working alongside your hiring managers, we'll get to know your programs inside out. This way there's no need for second guessing when it comes to candidate matching.


At Brightside Recruitment we offer a consultative service, where we listen, advise, and source the correct talent to match your requirements. With 20 years’ experience in the welfare sector, we offer advice and try to meet your expectations.


We also support organisations with:

  • Reviewing & editing Job Descriptions
  • Salary expectations of candidates
  • Sitting on interview panels
  • Aftercare service



Child, Youth & Family

Providing a range of services to young people and families in need of support from homelessness, domestic and/or family violence, child protection issues, and more.


Mental Health

Mental Health currently has more exposure than ever before and rightfully so. Here you'll find a whole range of roles dealing with anxiety, depression, AOD issues, intellectual disabilities, dual diagnosis, and much more.


Aged & Disability

Our roles here will help you help others enable a full and meaningful life whilst living with a disability and/or in need of professional aged care services.


Indigenous & Multicultural

Australia is a vibrant, multicultural country and home to the world's oldest continuous cultures. Here you'll find roles working within a whole range of backgrounds and cultures, ensuring individuals don't lose their heritage whilst adjusting and blossoming within Australian life.



We provide Provisional, General, and Clinical Psychologists to assess, provide therapy, and help facilitate organisational and/or social change.


Allied Health

If you are an Occupation Therapist, Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist, or Nurse, we can find a role that allows you to utilise your skills and knowledge to improve the lives of clients in the welfare sector.



Whether you are taking the next step in your career or are a seasoned leader, we will find the right Team Leader, Senior Manager or CEO role for you.


HR & Office Support

Supporting the organisation through, Finance, HR and Administration is essential to its smooth running and we understand how important each of these roles are.


Are you looking to find the best talent in the Welfare, Not-For-Profit and Charity sectors? Get in touch with us to see how we can help you to find the best match for your role.

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